Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bringing Boggs Home...

I love the blogging community. It is because of being a part of it that people can find me a lot faster than ever before. I received an e-mail from Jerry Paulus offering a Wade Boggs card in exchange for any inserts I can find from his want list. I found a number of them (10 cards total), and while that goes out in the mail, this card has already arrived:

Wade Boggs #340.

It's a beautiful card to say the least. One thing that troubles me though. If I didn't know better (trust me, I've never played third base in my life), that looks like a very awkward angle/position for anyone's body to be in don't you think??? I mean, on the computer it looks normal, but staring at the card for a while made me wonder if they just plugged a picture of Boggs onto a generic background. And, again, you can't really see it on the computer screen, but up close, it looks like somebody just drew a black dot over his left eye. Creepy.

Regardless, it will make a wonderful addition to the SP set. Eight down and nine to go. I'm almost halfway home. Thanks again, Jerry. Your cards are in the mail. Please let me know when you get them.


JayBee Anama


Joe S. said...

Hmmm.. very strange. My only guess was that it was taken during between innings when the firstbaseman tosses grounders... kind of a lame action shot.

Jeremy Roe said...

It is an odd angle--look at the fans in the background. Many of them are facing away from Boggs, which supports the theory that this was a between innings warmup.

Great pickup, nonetheless.