Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ryno Charging Into the SP Collection.

When the list of Series 2 SP cards came out, one name stood above and beyond all the others. Not because he was a Chicago Cub. But for me growing up, he was THE Chicago Cub. Even if I wasn't going after any of the SP cards in either series, I knew I had to have this one. And somehow, in some way, I was going to get it.

And now, thanks to Mike Gellner over at JD's Wild Cardz, I have it. The card that means more to me than the Babe, more than Campanella, heck, even more than the President...

Forget the introduction, just get to the card!!!

Ryne Sandberg #350.

To Cub Fans everywhere, this card is a thing of beauty. Topps could have picked Banks. They could have picked Santo. They could have picked Billy Williams. Heck, they should have used a picture of Maddux as a young Cub (preferrably circa 1989-1991). But I am ever so grateful that Topps included Sandberg as a subject in the SP set. Now, his career numbers may not be on par with the likes of many of the Hall of Famers, but its the intangibles that he possessed that got him there. He played the game with honor, respect, and a sort of quiet class. He let his play do the talking.

I was so happy when it was announced that Ryno was going into the Hall of Fame in 2005. Granted he got 76 point something of the votes. But that was 1 point something above the required 75, and he deserved it. After Sandberg's speech at the Induction Ceremony, Don Sutton said that it "should be posted on every clubhouse door in the Majors."

How could you NOT admire that??? He was my favorite player when I was growing up and learning about the game, and why my son now has his name (middle name...long story).

Mike, your cards are on their way. Just let me know when you get them. Thanks.


JayBee Anama


night owl said...

Glad you got it. I sent you an email saying I had this card and wondering if you wanted it, but I never got a response.

JD's Daddy said...

I am glad that cards like these end up with who appreciates them the most. Enjoy. No sighting of yours yet, but I will let you know!