Sunday, July 6, 2014

The 2014 All-Star Rosters Have Been Announced...What Do You Think???

Sorry for not posting for a while. Major conversion happening at work, so I've been busy. But that does not mean I've not paid attention to the game, not made some big purchases (I finally have my hands on the 2014 Topps Pro Debut set and got a heck-of-a-deal on a pre-sale for a full-size master set of this year's Allen & Ginter's product), and I most certainly did NOT forget that the All-Star Game is coming up.

Today, is one of my favorite days of the baseball season, the day that the rosters for the All-Star Game are announced. This time, the rosters were officially named in the evening (6:00 pm CST), so I made sure that the TV was mine and that I was by a computer to start typing the names as they were announced. Yes, I'm a geek, and soon, you'll know why.

The MLB All-Star Game rosters as announced tonight:

American League Starters (with 2014 Topps Card # and retail team set if applicable.)

American League Leading Vote-Getter: Jose Bautista of the Blue Jays

1B-Miguel Cabrera, Tigers (#323, DET2)
2B-Robinson Cano, Mariners (#500, SEA12)
3B-Josh Donaldson, Athletics (#134, OAK8)
SS-Derek Jeter, Yankees (#134, NYY1)
OF-Jose Bautista, Blue Jays (#323, TOR2)
OF-Adam Jones, Orioles (#398, BAL1)
OF-Mike Trout, Angels (#1, LAA1)
C-Matt Wieters, Oriolesº
DH-Nelson Cruz, Orioles (#453)

American League Pitchers

P-Mark Buehrle, Blue Jays (#30, TOR14)
P-Yu Darvish, Rangers (#300, TEX1)
P-Felix Hernandez, Mariners (#401, SEA1)
P-Scott Kazmir, Athletics (#371, OAK3)
P-Jon Lester, Red Sox (#258, BOS4, selected by MGR)
P-David Price, Rays (#489, TAM2, selected by MGR)
P-Max Scherzer, Tigers (#297, DET4, selected by MGR)
P-Masahiro Tanaka, Yankees (#661)
RP-Dellin Betances, Yankees
RP-Sean Doolittle, Athletics (#226, OAK9)
RP-Greg Holland, Royals (#617, KCR14)
RP-Glen Perkins, Twins (#492, MIN11)

American League Reserves

1B-Jose Abreu, White Sox (#496)
1B-Brandon Moss, Athletics (#471, OAK15, selected by MGR)
2B-Jose Altuve (#210, HOU1)
3B-Adrian Beltre, Rangers (#161, TEX2)
SS-Alexei Ramirez, White Sox (#308, CHW9)
OF-Michael Brantley, Indians (#261, CLE10)
OF-Yoenis Cespedes, Athletics (#14, OAK1)
OF-Alex Gordon, Royals (#97, KCR2)
C-Derek Norris, Athletics (#346, OAK11, selected by MGR)
C-Salvador Perez, Royalsª (#655, KCR13)
C-Kurt Suzuki, Twins (#104, MIN13, selected by MGR)
DH-Edwin Encarnacion, Blue Jays (#98, TOR4, selected by MGR)
DH-Victor Martinez, Tigers (#31, DET13)

American League Final Man Candidates

P-Dallas Keuchel, Astros (#482, HOU15)
P-Corey Kluber, Indians (#279, CLE3)
P-Rick Porcello, Tigers (#384, DET8)
P-Garrett Richards, Angels (#306, LAA9)
P-Chris Sale, White Sox (#148, CHW1)

National League Starters

National League Leading Vote-Getter: Troy Tulowtizki of the Rockies

1B-Paul Goldschmidt, Diamondbacks (#15, ARI1)
2B-Chase Utley, Phillies (#502, PHI6)
3B-Aramis Ramirez, Brewers (#560, MIL6)
SS-Troy Tulowitzki, Rockies (#25, COL2)
OF-Carlos Gomez, Brewers (#302, MIL2)
OF-Andrew McCutchen, Pirates (#150, PIT1)
OF-Yasiel Puig, Dodgers (#331, LAD7)
C-Yadier Molina, Cardinals (#57, STL7)

National League Pitchers

P-Madison Bumgarner, Giants (#537, SFG4)
P-Johnny Cueto, Reds (#16, CIN3)
P-Zack Greinke, Dodgers (#142, LAD9, selected by MGR)
P-Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers (#400, LAD3)
P-Tyson Ross, Padres (#87, SDP12, selected by MGR)
P-Jeff Samardzija, Cubs/Athleticsⁿ (#239, CHC9)
P-Julio Teheran, Braves (#288, ATL14, selected by MGR)
P-Adam Wainwright, Cardinals (#50, STL2)
P-Jordan Zimmermann, Nationalsª (#107, WAS5)
RP-Aroldis Chapman, Reds (#396, CIN2)
RP-Craig Kimbrel, Braves (#46, ATL1)
RP-Pat Neshek, Cardinals (selected by MGR)
RP-Francisco Rodriguez, Brewers
RP-Tony Watson, Pirates (selected by MGR)

National League Reserves

1B-Freddie Freeman, Braves (#579, ATL9)
2B-Dee Gordon, Dodgers (#587)
2B-Daniel Murphy (#155, NYM5, selected by MGR)
3B-Matt Carpenter, Cardinals (#44, STL9, selected by MGR)
3B-Todd Frazier, Reds (#580, CIN11)
SS-Starlin Castro, Cubs (#603, CHC2)
OF-Charlie Blackmon, Rockies (#20, COL6)
OF-Josh Harrison, Pirates (selected by MGR)
OF-Hunter Pence, Giants (#412, SFG14)
OF-Giancarlo Stanton, Marlins (#217, MIA1)
C-Jonathan Lucroy, Brewers (#285, MIL12)
C-Devin Mesoraco, Reds (#393, CIN15)

National League Final Man Candidates

3B-Casey McGehee, Marlins (#340, MIA6)
1B-Justin Morneau, Rockies (#465, COL13)
2B-Anthony Rendon, Nationals (#521, WAS16)
1B-Anthony Rizzo, Cubs (#71, CHC1)
OF-Justin Upton, Braves (#229, ATL2)

º Injured, will not participate
ºº Elected not to participate
ª Named as replacement
ⁿ Selected by player vote, but was traded to AL

If you notice, not counting those injured, there will be two 34-man rosters here (including the Final Man winners).

Including the players on the Final Man balloting, six players do not have any cards from either the eponymous Topps set or the retail sets. This year, they include All-Stars Dellin Betances of the Yankees, Pat Neshek of the Cardinals, Francisco Rodriguez of the Brewers, Tony Watson of the Pirates (I swear, relief pitchers do not get the Hobby love...and they're becoming more important to the game now more than ever), Josh Harrison of the Pirates (okay, maybe the Pirates don't get the Hobby love that they deserve), and Matt "I'm-Never-Going-to-Sign-a-Topps-Contract-Ever" Wieters. Just as well, he was elected to start, but is injured and unable to play. Salvador Perez of the Royals, who won the player vote, will take his spot in the starting lineup. The remaining five should be getting cards in the Update series in one way or another. To alleviate their slights, I will be using the team's stadium cards to fill-in for them (found only in the team retail sets although that would be hard with two Pirates without cards...I don't have two PNC Park cards).

For the first time since Carlos Beltran in 2004 (the Royals outfielder was named to the 2004 AL team, but was traded to the NL Astros before the All-Star Break), a player who was traded away from the team he was to represent made it to the All-Star Game. Maybe the Cubs should have waited until after the ASG to trade Jeff Samardzija to Oakland (does this give the Athletics seven All-Stars, or do the Cubs have two), but even with the less-than-stellar run support, and an extremely bad (on paper) won-loss record, the players voted "Shark" (really, when did he start getting called by this nickname?) as one of the five SP's to the NL roster. However, now that he's in the American League, he is no longer "eligible" for the game. He will still get the benefits that come with being named an All-Star, but he most likely will be suiting up with the rest of the guys on the A's. With Jeff now off the team (technically, he still represents the Cubs), Jordan Zimmermann (who was sixth in the player voting) takes his place.

Lots of youth on both rosters. And a ton of first-time All-Stars to boot (about 25 at last count). If you look at the Final Man Nominees, all five AL candidates are starting pitchers (compared to five relievers the year before). Both Chicago teams have a guy on the final man ballot. I've already done my part, I hope by voting for both Sale and Rizzo. Once again, teams are starting to pair up (Cleveland Rox anyone??!) I have already implored whatever Chicago baseball fans I can reach (which is not a lot, let me tell you) to put aside their differences and get both of our boys to the All-Star Game.

After watching the hour-long program on ESPN, I turned over to the MLB Network for the analysis. One of the more interesting tidbits I found was that four All-Stars are presently slated to start on the last day before the break (July 13). Now the rule for pitchers is that if they are set to pitch on the last day before the All-Star break, they become ineligible to appear in the game. They still get to participate in the All-Star festivities, are still officially All-Stars, but just won't play. If that is the case, then Masahiro Tanaka (Yankees), Madison Bumgarner (Giants), Johnny Cueto (Reds), and Tyson Ross (Padres), are presently ineligible to participate in the game, and may need replacements. Now, unlike last year when Adam Wainwright begged to be moved to the final Sunday start to avoid playing in the game, there is no word yet if anyone plans on doing the same.

So now that we know the players, I am getting my All-Star binder out and will begin the fun process of putting the cards of the All-Stars/Final Man Candidates into it. I do this every year (what, don't YOU??!) I'll probably be adding to it between now and July 15, and I'll make sure to make note of every roster replacement here.

Let's hear the answers to these questions:

Who do you think should have been chosen that wasn't (not even for the Final Man ballot)?

Of the players selected, who shouldn't be going to the game?

Were the guys you wanted from your team chosen?

If not, then who should have represented your team?

Let the debates begin.


JayBee Anama


Jeff said...

I think Samardzija should get to be on the NL roster, even if he wears an A's uniform.

Marcus said...

Tyson Ross is the Padres rep, but I don't think he's even the best starting pitcher on the team - that'd be Andrew Cashner, who's on the DL. I think that Huston Street would've been the most logical choice, though Seth Smith would be the one I'd be most excited to see.

Tony L. said...

Generally, as a Brewers fan, I'm good with the players selected. I'm not sure that Aramis Ramirez is the best third baseman in the National League this season, so I'm not sure he deserves the starting spot. Jonathan Lucroy is having a better season than Yadier Molina, but both are on the team so that's not a huge deal. Braun has struggled lately, so his omission is no big loss either. I'm a little surprised that K-Rod made the team, though he's as good a reliever as any to have there. Personally I'd pick Huston Street over him though.

sg488 said...

Whats Topps got against Tony Watson,only card I could find of him was 2011 Bowman.