Friday, October 22, 2010

Whoops!!! Missed One.

I mentioned last night that there were 21 SP's. Today, not only was it noted that there were five more Pie in the Face cards, but also another Stephen Strasburg SP. And if you've scoured the Bay and found 30 Mickey Mouse cards (one for each team...celebrating the All-Star Game this summer in Anaheim), those come one per case if it's to be believed.

Anyway, there was one more SP card that I didn't find last night and it was brought to my attention this morning.

2010 Topps Update Series Boston Americans #US220.

That makes seven teams and 15 legends for a grand spanking total of 22. There were supposed to be ten teams. Nobody's found the other three...yet. If they are found, I'll post the scans here.

And to thewritersjourney who commented about Bench's SP card with the wrong logo. I don't think the Reds ever used a "C" with that shape. I get a sinking feeling that Topps may have inserted the Cubs' "C" logo instead of the Reds' "C" logo (the Reds use a more oval shaped letter C right???)


JayBee Anama


thewritersjourney said...

According to Chris Creamer, a similar logo was used by the Reds 1901-1904:

Don said...

Mickey Mouse cards? That settles it, I was going to buy a box and try and hand collate a set for old times sake, but now I won't. I am getting really tired of this SP crap. Instead of putting time and effort into creating Mickey MOuse and another Strassburg why can't we get more player cards?