Sunday, October 24, 2010


To respond to Don, who complained about the SP Mickey Mouses (or would that be Mickey Mice) cards in 2010 Topps Update Series, let me give a bit of an update myself.

brentandbecca, one of the biggest case breakers in the hobby, broke forty cases (or so) of the latest product, and determined that there are only...FIVE MICKEY MOUSE CARDS!!!

Yes, friends, only five of these Disney creatures showed up in the cases found so far. In fact, the one auction that had this (which as we speak has only seven minutes or so left, and one bid...) has the five above cards on display.

The description on said auction goes on to read that these carsd are numbered MM6-MM10:
  • MM6 Braves
  • MM7 Cubs
  • MM8 Mets
  • MM9 Yankees
  • MM10 Giants
Which now leads to one great question, one that I think I know the answer to, but I doubt it...

What were the first five cards and where do you find them??? Does anybody know? Does anybody have scans?

Let the hunt continue...Sorry Don.


JayBee Anama