Thursday, October 21, 2010

2010 Topps Update Series on the Bay!!! Take A Look at the SP's!!!

Singles, autos, relics, inserts, and full master sets of 2010 Topps Update Series are starting to trickle in on the Bay. And so I know what I want to go after once I get my complete set, enclosed are pictures of the 21 SP Legend Variation cards found in the Update series. Among the cards being discovered right now is probably my number one want from the Update series.

A 2010 Topps ANDRE DAWSON SP CARD!!! #US85B.

There are 21 SP's to chase, including:

Group shot of Willie McCovey #US15, Rickey Henderson #US276, Brooks Robinson #US225, Bruce Sutter #US175, Dave Winfield #US214, and Reggie Jackson #US50. These pictures are awesome...don't you think???

Group shot of Andre Dawson #US85, Steve Carlton #US45, Tony Gwynn #US203, Bo Jackson #US318, Jim Palmer #US185, and Bob Gibson #661.

Group shot of Franchise History cards of the New York Giants #US58, St, Louis Browns #US200, Washington Senators #US320, Cleveland Naps #US330, and Philadelphia Athletics #US25.

Group shot of Johnny Bench #US330, Brooklyn Dodgers #US260, and Babe Ruth #US317.

Robin Roberts #US100.

The cards look great. And together, there are 6 Legendary Teams to go with 15 legendary players. And when I get my master set, then I'll start hunting. I'm still way behind with the legend SP's in 2010 Topps, so this just makes the wantlist grow larger.

Let the games begin.


JayBee Anama

P.S. Oops. Found a 22nd Legend SP. jba


Play at the Plate said...

I must have that Johnny Bench! I must!

night owl said...

I didn't care until I saw that Brooklyn Dodgers card.

thewritersjourney said...

Maybe I'm too nitpicky, but they weren't very accurate on the logo on the Bench card. That logo is from the early 20th century, long before Johnny played (or was even born). Did the Reds use that as an alternate?