Saturday, January 10, 2009

Time For Some Responses to Comments

It's that time of the month again, and it's about time to respond to the wonderful comments people have left on my posts.

To Ryan Cracknell, no, unfortunately, there is no way to send private trades in ToppsTown. What you can do is create a trade, say Alfonso Soriano (I think I have 9 of these) for the Drew and Wakefield cards, and e-mail me at your ToppsTown name. As soon as you do, I'll look for your trade offer and hit accept. I just traded for the Hoffman card, so I just need the two you have.

To Los Gatos, this is why you never ever trust the checklist until the product actually comes out. Originally, yes, Inge, Santiago, Bautista, Grilli and Miner were to be the bonus players. But the guy who sent me the scans e-mailed me to let me know that Galarraga and Raburn are in and Grilli and Miner are out. Consider your set complete at five cards. Thanks to the boys at the Detroit Sports Collectors for reading the blog.

To Kentucky Harold (who has one of the most unique blogs I've ever come across...warning, if math is not your forté, clicking on the link will make your head explode), the cards should be the usual 2½ by 3½ inches. Anything bigger and it would be harder to put these things in regular sheets. I'm thinking of getting the set.

To the Hamiltonian, Scott C., Big Daddy, and Michael O'Connor, thanks for the boost of confidence regarding PayPal. I never had a problem sending checks or money orders, even cash. But now that eBay is preventing paper payments, I had to sign up if I wanted to continue to grow my collection. I guess you hear more bad things than good and if PayPal is good for you, then I'll try it.

To friend of the blog Big Daddy, I've started to look for Palin cards. Wow the prices have dropped. Maybe it's a good thing I waited until now. And if you wanted to know why I didn't just start the spending spree for Palin, see above.

To friend of the blog and frequent commenter TDLindgren, you may as well spill it. What exactly is all the fuss about Topps choosing 1985 as Gary Carter's best year?

To Dave at Goose Joak (pronounced "Walk"), 1989 will always have a spot in my heart as my favorite Topps set of all time. You can give me the name of a player, and I can immediately picture in my head what the card looks like. Can't do that nowadays with the current sets, but bring up any cards from 1988-1992...

Finally, to Anonymous, care to enlighten me (and the viewing public) as to who you were talking about? Are you from Tuff Stuff? E-mail me at and let me know (and this is why I'm not a fan of Anonymous commenters).

That's all for now. Keep the comments coming. Of course, that's going to mean that I have to write something, huh?


JayBee Anama

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TDLindgren said...

Hey JayBee,

I was mainly kidding about 1985 being Gary Carter's best year. Carter had many good years and you could argue that he didn't really have a "best" or MVP type year.