Monday, January 12, 2009


Your 2009 Baseball Hall of Famers: Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice!!!

The votes are in...

  • Rickey Henderson 511 (94.8 percent);
  • Jim Rice 412 (76.4 percent);
  • Andre Dawson 361 (67.0 percent);
  • Bert Blyleven 338 (62.7 percent);
  • Lee Smith 240 (44.5 percent);
  • Jack Morris 237 (44.0 percent);
  • Tommy John 171 (31.7 percent);
  • Tim Raines 122 (22.6 percent);
  • Mark McGwire 118 (21.9 percent);
  • Alan Trammell 94 (17.4 percent);
  • Dave Parker 81 (15.0 percent);
  • Don Mattingly 64 (11.9 percent);
  • Dale Murphy 62 (11.5 percent);
  • Harold Baines 32 (5.9 percent);
  • Mark Grace 22 (4.1 percent);
  • David Cone 21 (3.9 percent);
  • Matt Williams 7 (1.3 percent);
  • Mo Vaughn 6 (1.1 percent);
  • Jay Bell 2 (0.4 percent);
  • Jesse Orosco 1 (0.2 percent);
  • Ron Gant 0;
  • Dan Plesac 0;
  • Greg Vaughn 0.
Congratulations to both Henderson and Rice for being elected into the Hall of Fame. For Rickey, it was his first shot at it, for Rice, it was his FIFTEENTH AND FINAL try before being considered by the Veteran's Committee, something that Tommy John will now face in 2010.

The players whose names are italicized will appear on next year's ballot, having surpassed the five percent rule to stay on (27 votes).

According to the Baseball Hall of Fame website, 539 ballots were cast, two of them were BLANK!!!


JayBee Anama


TDLindgren said...

It's long overdue for Rice to finally get in. Henderson should have been unanimous. Of course, Ruth, Mays, Aaron, Williams, Mantle, Ripken Jr., Seaver, Cobb, etc. should have been voted unanimous as well in previous elections. I don't know what's worse, the people who don't think Rickey Henderson et all are first ballot Hall of Famers or the ones that think Jay Bell is a Hall of Famer!

William said...

The people who turn in a blank ballot should have their voting privileges taken away and have them given to someone like Vin Scully, etc. Also, you would have to be an idiot to leave someone like Ripken, Rickey, Gwynn, T. Williams, etc off of any ballot. Those voters are bozos. Take the vote seriously or give the vote to someone who will.