Monday, January 19, 2009

Updating the Sports Card Blogroll One More Time

I received an e-mail from Joe Cuevas, the writer of the KearnsKards blog, asking to be added back to the big Sports Card Blogroll. I had removed his blog from the roll because he had not posted in more than seven months. Well, he says he's back and ready to give it a go. So welcome back KearnsKards.

Now, sadly, it's time to say goodbye to more blogs that have not been updated in the last six months:
Again, I am putting their links here, so you can see what each blog was about. To the writers of each of these blogs, if you do decide to come back, please drop me a line like Bay Rat North West did at and I'll happily add you back to the big Blogroll.


JayBee Anama

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SacBunt said...

Hey there! Thanks for the link on your Blogroll. We have re-paid the favor!