Saturday, January 17, 2009

2008 Topps Redsfest Cards...and a Nice Surprise from ToppsTown.

This Paypal thing is really beginning to grow on me. Earlier this week, I mentioned that I won two auctions, one for a Sarah Palin GOP card, and the other was for the 8-card Topps Redsfest set. Both arrived before the end of the week. Normally, I'd mail my payment, wait two days for it to arrive to the seller, wait at least a week for the check to clear, and then wait another two to three days for it to arrive. I paid both at the same time, and they arrived promptly.

In the mean time, the reason why I am posting this is because included in the package of Reds cards was one ToppsTown card (which came as a filler). On a whim, because my kids found a bunch of unopened packs of 2008 Topps Series II, they opened everything, and only found one ToppsTown card in the chaos. The card went to my son, and he immediately cashed it in. Feeling bad that my daughter didn't get anything, I decided to try and see if there the code on the card I received today was valid.

I can happily say that yes, the code was active. But instead of getting baseball cards:

She now is the virtual owner of this household's first ToppsTown FOOTBALL cards. And now she wants more, and my son wants them too.

If anybody has any ToppsTown Football codes they want to share (and they have to be unused), please send an e-mail my way at On behalf of my kids...thanks.


JayBee Anama

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