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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Part of a Nutritious Breakfast...

Back in 1996, Topps sold their factory sets in a package akin to those single serve multi-packs of cereal. I'm only reminded of this fact because that's what my wife bought for the kids to eat for breakfast this week. We're down to five boxes of cereal (it was an eight pack), and the only reason why I'm thinking about this now (it's only 5:42 PM CST as of the time I'm writing this), is because although discovered and discussed by the gentleman over at Hand Collated, I'm only getting around to talking about this now.

The Breakfast of Champions. Comes in three delicious flavors. And it's a part of a nutritious breakfast.

Each comes with a binder emblazoned with the Topps logo, 10 Ultra-Pro nine-pocket pages, and 56 cards (52 base, 1 Legends of the Game, 1 Turkey Red insert, 1 Ticket to Toppstown, and one platinum refractor card-the free prize normally stuffed towards the bottom of the box).

Why couldn't they come up with this when I was younger??? This would make a good starter kit for kids who are new to the hobby. I might just buy a couple of these so that the kids have something for the 2009 season. And I'll even give these to them at breakfast time. Just as long as the kids don't spill milk on them...


JayBee Anama


night owl said...

I'm assuming by the reference to "Breakfast of Champions" that the cereal in the box is "Wheaties"?

My collecting and appreciation for baseball was at an all-time low in 1996, so I have no knowledge of these.

night owl said...

Ah, I didn't read the right. The 2009 boxes are cereal, the '96 boxes were cards.

dayf said...

Not cereal, Vonnegut.