Friday, December 19, 2008

Just Happy to Be on the List...Thanks Fielder's Choice

So here I am, working on this humble little blog, realizing that I am still way low on the totem pole of popularity/readership/viewership/whatever you want to call it, when out of the blue I get an e-mail from Dave at Fielder's Choice. The title of the e-mail simply stated:

You've been entered into a FREE group break at Fielder's Choice!‏

Curious, I click on the link. He indicates that he's hitting a few huge milestones for him:
  • 6 months since starting the blog
  • 25,000 hits (already past 26,000)
  • 200 posts
Inspired by a box breaker on YouTube, and because it's the season to be giving, he purchased a tin (warning) of 2007...wait for it...Upper Deck Sweet Spot. His plan, to give the cards in the tin to those on the net who've made his blogging experience fun. He invited 30 bloggers, box breakers, etc, threw their names into a hat (okay, some kind of randomizer thingy), matched them with teams (well, based on what team they preferred, I didn't respond), and posted everything on his site.

Looking at the names on the list of people he invited, it's like an all-star list of bloggers. It seems that all the heavy hitters (pardon the pun...couldn't resist) were invited. And there I am, second to last on the list. If this was an all-star team, I'd be the token Pirates or Nationals player...the "just happy to be here" guy (not that there is anything wrong with it...I'm truly grateful!!!). I commented that I was happy that he thought of me and congratulated him on the milestones.

After the dust settled, I wound up with the Brewers. Meaning that if there were any Brewers cards in that tin, they'd be mine. Now, it's an Upper Deck product, so obviously, I have no idea who's in it. So after going to the number one source of the hobby, I learned that there are four Brewers cards in the set:
  • Ben Sheets #12
  • Bill Hall #13
  • Prince Fielder #82
  • Rickie Weeks #84
Each card is numbered to 850, meaning that this set is not for the normal set collector (unless you have unlimited funds, and a whole lot of patience at shows and online). There didn't seem to be any relics or inserts involving Brewers players, but I'm not picky, anything will work for me.

To all in the pot, I wish you all good luck. I hope you get what you want if you get anything. To Dave, congratulations again. Thanks for making the blogging experience fun for me. And again, thanks for thinking of me.


JayBee Anama

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Dave said...

You're welcome, JayBee! The only reason why you were second last on the list is because I put all the people that I've traded with on the list first. You were one of just a handful of bloggers that I haven't traded with that I put on there. I remember that we exchanged links to each other's blogs soon after I started, and I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. I can honestly say that I've learned A LOT about many different Topps sets from reading your posts. Good luck, I hope that I can add a Brewers card to your collection, even if it is from ... gasp ... Upper Deck!