Saturday, July 11, 2015

Responding to Comments: 5-Card Packs

I just saw this comment on an post that I wrote earlier this year regarding the 5-card packs that I bought at the Dollar Tree. The thing is that the person who left the comment did so anonymously. So instead of leaving a response on the post, I'm going to respond here so that it can be seen by whoever sent the question.

Anonymous writes:

"Do the 5-card 2014 Topps Update packs contain insert cards, or just base cards? I just bought a 60-pack gravity feed box on eBay for $39.99. I thought it was for the regular 10-card packs, but noticed later they were 5-card packs. Just wondering if I got ripped off. Thanks."

The quick answer is no, the 5-card packs you bought will not have insert cards in them. They will be all base. However, you may get some of the short-printed cards (or even a super short-printed card) in your packs.

The short prints come in three categories (in order of rarity):
Keep an eye out for them.

2014 Topps Update Series #US-245B Andrew Heaney SP

While the card is in a box somewhere near me (can't find it for some reason), I know that I pulled this one from one of the three packs I bought at the Dollar Tree last year.

Regarding as to whether or not you were ripped off? I couldn't tell you for sure. If the description on the auction didn't specify what packs were in the gravity feed, or the pictures didn't show you what kind of packs you were getting, then it's hard to say. If it was described as 10-card packs in the gravity box, the picture showed 10-card packs, and you got 5-card packs? Then yes, you were ripped off.
So go ahead and open them. You never know what you'll find. Or give them out as favors. Whatever you decide, good luck.

I hope this answers your question. If you have any more, please feel free to contact me here on this humble, little blog, or send me an email (


JayBee Anama

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Brian said...

The Short prints being included makes them at least a little appealing. Also, since a lot of people generally don't like all of the insert sets, knowing that you're getting all base cards can have its advantages, too.