Monday, November 4, 2013

Yes, Virginia, There Will Be a Pack Break Week in 2013

Okay, so the baseball season is over. But the Hobby never rests. And this year, Hobby-wise, has been a very good year for me.


Because I set a goal this year to be able to get master sets of my favorite Topps products in 2013, and thanks to the Bay, that has been achieved. I have added the following 2013 sets to my ever growing collection:
  • Topps Series 1 and 2
  • Topps Gypsy Queen
  • Topps Archives
  • Topps Allen & Ginter's
  • Topps Retail Team Sets (all 32 of them)
  • Topps Update Series
It has already been confirmed that Gypsy Queen and Archives will be returning in 2014, and Topps would be insane to put an end to the wildly popular Allen & Ginter's (hopefully then can find more "champions"), so that has to come back. Unless something new from their 17-card product quota gets announced that blows my mind, I think it's safe to say that the goal for next year is to get each of these sets again. It can be done...timing and patience will be the key.

So what is the point of my rambling above?

Well, in previous years, the writer of this humble, little blog, would set aside a week before the end of the year to open random packs of cards that was purchased at a local big box store, sharing the results for the readers (whoever still reads this blog anyway), and making comments about it.

This year, I am going all-out for pack break week. I bought most of the packs last month, but have been saving them, not even being tempted to open them, until I was able to get the last pack I wanted to include for the week. Well, today, I finally found a pack of this product. So starting tomorrow,


I have a few surprises to include in this year's edition of Pack Break Week 2013. Not will there be a pack of the usual standbys (in this case, each of the products I have bought this year), but some time during the week, the following products will be opened for your viewing pleasure (and for review...must remain biased...I mean...objective)

  • Topps Chipz,
And because I bought a Mega Box of this product during my search of a regular pack of Update Series,
  • Two packs of Topps Chrome Traded

So get ready ladies and gentlemen. In between the Randomness will be something fun and exciting (I hope...considering they're from Target, I'm not expecting anything in the relic/auto department).

Get ready...for pack break week.


JayBee Anama

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I would trade you some cards for a Topps Chrome Update wrapper !