Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pack Break Week 2013: Topps Update Series and Topps Chrome Update Series

(For some reason, this post did not get published as scheduled last Sunday. Then, it got lost in the shuffle. I apologize for that. This is what should have concluded last week's Pack Break Week on Sunday, November 10.)

Sunday. It's the Day of Rest. And before Mass begins, the kids are at CCD. My daughter has a dance rehearsal, so we're going to be rushing it from church to home so she can get ready. Then there's the matter of raking leaves in the front yard...

You know, now would be the ideal time to finish off Pack Break Week.

To conclude Pack Break Week, I will now be opening the pack of 2013 Topps Update Series and the second pack of 2013 Topps Chrome Update Series found exclusively in those Mega Boxes found at the big box store..

Enclosed, in order, is what appeared in my 12-card pack of Topps Update Series:

  • #US25 Wade Davis, Royals
  • #US81 Casey Kotchman, Marlins
  • #US165 A. J. Pierzynski, Rangers
  • #US147 Charlie Morton, Pirates
  • #US200 Wil Myers, Rays
  • #US218 Miguel Cabrera, American League All-Star

  • #US106 Clayton Kershaw, National League All-Star Gold #0601/2013
  • #TM-4 Bo Jackson, Royals, 1971 Mini Card
  • #US260 Darren O'Day, Orioles
  • #US299 Ian Kennedy, Padres
  • #US183 Jeff Bianch, Brewers RC
  • #US92 Jeanmar Gomez, Pirates

Getting the gold card of a guy who should win this year's 2013 Cy Young is great. I know there's going to be demand somewhere in the Hobby Blogging Community for it (unless somebody already has given it to that person already). The Bo Jackson card is nice too. Surprised that the corners haven't been dinged...the paper quality seems to have improved over the years (at least what was used in 1971).

Now onto the Chrome Update Series pack (carefully peeling it for Baseball Dad):

  • #MB-38 Kyle Gibson, Twins
  • #MB-28 Rafael Soriano, Nationals
  • #MB-22 Ian Kennedy, Padres
  • #PH-6 Sandy Koufax, Dodgers Postseason Heroes

I guess the "MB" stands for "Mega Box." Cool, so not only did I break a pack with Ian Kennedy's regular Update card in it, but the Chrome pack had his Chrome card too. WOOT for coincidences. I also realized that not only do I have the Gold parallel of Kershaw's Update card, but his Gold Chipz too (from earlier in the week...must be a sign). Getting a chrome insert is nice, but I totally whiffed on the parallels on my two packs. Que sera sera.

I hoped you enjoyed this year's edition of Pack Break Week. I hope 2014 will bring us great things to talk about and good packs to rip.


JayBee Anama

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