Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Last Update of the Sports Card Blogroll in 2012...A Year in Review

I'm going to make this really quick because the new year is upon us and I want to catch this before the stroke of midnight.

What a year for the Sports Card Blogroll. In 2011, the SCBR added 128 new or returning blogs to the active roster. Many did very well in 2011 and I look forward to what they have to say in 2012. But we also said goodbye to a number of very good blogs and writers in 2011. Let's recap from last month's post.

The Blogroll going into December had 340 blogs added to the active roster. Five blogs were added in December, bringing us back to a comfortable 345. Here are the blogs being removed because they have reached six month of inactivity:
Seven blogs being removed brings us down to 338 blogs going into January, for a net loss of -2.

Heading into 2011, the SCBR went in with 314 blogs. As mentioned above, 128 blogs were added during the year. Sadly, we said goodbye to 104 blogs about the Hobby, bringing the total to 338. This means the SCBR had a net gain of +24 for the year.

We lost a few more voices this year, but many others have picked up the slack. And I hope that the number of blogs about our Hobby continues to grow. The more voices, the better off we all will be. Keep up the good work everyone. And let's hope that 2012 will mean better things for the Hobby, and the Hobby Blogging Community. To all who used the SCBR in 2011, I thank you. The Hobby Blogging Community thanks you. And in 2012, on behalf of said community, enjoy the journey in 2012. It should be one interesting ride.


JayBee Anama

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