Monday, December 19, 2011

2012 Topps Archives Sell Sheets are Live!!!

I was wondering how Baseball Cardpedia was able to get their hands on a preliminary checklist for the highly discussed 2012 Topps Archives product (that is now the official name of the set), when I remembered that Mr. Stale Gum himself, Chris Harris, now works with Sports Collector's Daily as a writer. If you haven't noticed, he had been spending less time on his blog and (because I'm guessing he is being paid) is now writing for the hobby website. Hey, have to make a living somehow, right???

Anyway, while both of the usual sites that I view sell sheet information did not yet have them posted, SCD did, and Chris was kind enough to include links to both sell sheet .pdf and the prelim checklist. Below are the sell sheets for 2012 Topps Archives.

The details on the products have been previously discussed. And it looks like the Fan Favorites "set" will contain 40 cards while the autograph checklist contains 75 cards. If all 40 base players have auto card parallels, that means that there will be 35 autograph exclusive players that, if I had the funds, I would have to collect (if I was just as crazy as I was in 2003). Well, here's hoping that these autos will be actual fan favorites (stars on the lower end of the Hobby spectrum) than of legends that warrant heavy prices on the secondary market.

The first page of the sell sheet looks like the images were placed on a fruit roll-up. And you have to like the wild colors used onthe rest of the sheets.



JayBee Anama

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night owl said...

Anybody know what the card stock on these is going to be?

If it's like the old Archives or Fan Favorites, then great. If it's like Lineage, that would be disappointing.