Thursday, December 15, 2011

Topps Archives/All-Time Fan Favorites is Back!!!

The number one source in the Hobby reports today that the above images appeared on @toppscards twitter feed this morning. If these are what they look to be, that means that Topps All-Time Fan Favorites is back. But perusing the article a bit further, there might be more to it. To wit:

"Fan Favorites, which first arrived in 2003, was a set comprised of past favorites in new photos on varying card designs from past Topps sets. The real draw? Certified autographs — signed on-card — along with the old looks with new (cleaner) printing technology. Oh, and there were Chrome cards — and Refractors, too. This time, though, they will be found as an insert set in an also-revived and not-yet-unveiled Topps Archives product.

"Yes, Fan Favorites is coming back as autograph insert in new Topps Archives in 2012," said a company official via Twitter. "Awesome product, I think will be a really fun break."

Questions abound though:

  • Okay, so while I can definitely figure out the design for the Griffey, Clark, and Kingman cards above, what design is the Mattingly card supposed to represent? The Glossy Send Ins from the mid-late 80's?
  • And does this mean that Topps is finally allowed to sell a product featuring retired players only? Or will there be current players mixed in too?
Regardless, this is just great news is you're a fan of Topps Baseball Cards. And this is one set that I'm looking forward to reading more details about when they come.


JayBee Anama


Anonymous said...

I agree - I wasn't collecting when Topps Archives and Fan Favorites was out before, but that looks awesome!

Ross said...

So awesome to see Will Clark get the call. I'll be chasing that one with a fury.

Also, I'm glad I didn't get around to posting my Fan Favorites Auto set I just finished mocking up last night. Looks like I need to find another name!

night owl said...

Booooo! Fan Favorites as in an insert set? And only autos? Booooooo!

This is the set that got me back into collecting current cards and I was purely happy with their great base cards.

Fleerfan said...

I agree with Night Owl. If the Fan Favorites can be collected as its own base set I've very interested. If I have to chase autographed inserts to put together a set, forget it.

Fan Favorites was my favorite release the years they were available as it was fun seeing so many of my favorite players in new pictures with classic designs.

I'd love to see it return, but not simply as an autograph insert set.

Play at the Plate said...

I must have the Will Clark....

TDLindgren said...

Of course since the majority of my collection is devoted to reprints, I love the idea of a Topps Archives set! Looking forward to seeing what will be in the set and this might be the only thing I'll collect in 2012.

Charlie said...


As much as I hope I am wrong, MLBP's rules will NOT allow topps to produce an all retired/deceased set, so expect plenty of current players to be mixed in there.

Mark in Del. said...

There ARE current players included, indeed. On their FB post, Topps included images of the Pujols, Hamilton and Cano cards.

I, too, am drooling for the Clark card. But also that Griffey! The original 1989-T KGJ is my all-time favorite baseball card. I would love to own its cousin!