Wednesday, April 17, 2013

2013 Topps Factory Set Sell Sheets are Live!!!

The sell sheets for this year's Topps Baseball Factory Sets have been live for some time now. But if you have not yet seen them (or it as the case may be), please take a look and see what is in store for 2013:

My comments:

There was no checklist included again, so we don't know who shows up in series 2.

And instead of rookie variations, adding to the never-ending boatload of parallels that are the latest craze in the Hobby (or at least that is what Topps is going with anyway), each box will include a five card pack of ORANGE BASE PARALLEL CARDS!!!  For the insane set collector or player collector who just HAS TO HAVE every color of the rainbow imaginable (remember, there are red parallel cards exclusive to Target, blue ones exclusive to Walmart, and purple cards found at Toys R Us), not to mention the green sparkled cards, the gold bordered cards, the black bordered cards, the pink bordered cards, the camouflaged bordered cards...and who knows what will show up in other factory sets later on in the year.

Thought I'd share. How is your chase going?


JayBee Anama


The Junior Junkie said...

I completed Series 1 and got most of the easy-to-get Griffey inserts, so I'm happy. I'll probably pick up a box of Series 2 when it hit so I can complete the whole set.

I am still looking for the Griffey rookie card manupatch....

Anonymous said...

Is there any aftermarket at all for parallel sets?