Friday, February 1, 2013

Finally Getting to Show My Inserts from 2013 Topps

So 5 regular packs, two jumbo packs, and one 72-card box later, here are the inserts that came with all of the base cards.

  • CC-10 Tim Lincecum
  • CC-15 Albert Pujols

  • CH-1 Roy Halladay
  • CH-5 Yogi Berra
  • CH-11 Babe Ruth
  • CH-15 Willie McCovey
  • CH-21 Frank Robinson
  • CH-23 George Brett

  • CH-24 David Wright
  • CH-31 Warren Spahn
  • CH-39 Jim Thome
  • CH-46 Hanley Ramirez
  • CH-49 Jackie Robinson
  • CH-50 Sandy Koufax

  • CD-4 Trevor Bauer
  • CD-5 Matt Moore
  • CD-12 Casey Kelly
  • CD-16 Yonder Alonso
  • CD-22 Drew Smyly

  • TM-4 Mike Trout
  • TM-27 R.A. Dickey 
  • TM-29 CC Sabathia 
  • TM-35 Felix Hernandez
  • TM-47 Roberto Clemente

  • #37 Max Scherzer Gold #1984/2013
  • #201 Jonny Venters Gold #1983/2013
  • #83 Darin Ruf Emerald
  • #170 Eury Perez Emerald
  • #246 2012 NL Home Run Leaders Braun/Stanton/Bruce
I also have the following Target Red parallel cards (too many to scan, not a problem to list):
  • #43 R. A. Dickey
  • #78 Dylan Bundy
  • #87 Mike Olt
  • #90 Andy Pettitte Record Chase (Checklist)
  • #111 Casey Kelly
  • #122 Andrew McCutchen
  • #148 L. J. Hoes
  • #199 Avisail Garcia
  • #230 David Robertson
  • #261 Trevor Rosenthal
  • #273 Dexter Fowler
  • #296 Didi Gregorius
  • #308 Desmond Jennings
I really like the Chasing History cards up close.  The logo looks like it is floating in the black box.  Are there two different kinds of these cards, one with regular pictures, the other with reflective qualities?  Sadly, no relics, autos, and after looking over the base cards, no "out of bounds" short prints.

As I am planning on getting (eventually) a master set of 2013 Topps on the Bay (hopefully after the hysteria dies down), these cards are basically for trade or sale.  If anybody out there (are there people out there?) is interested in any of the above cards, please send me a quick e-mail at or leave comments here with the cards you're looking for.


JayBee Anama

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tourist504 said...

I just cut and pasted the following from my most recent blog post over at

A quick word about this insert [Chasing History] - It seems the versions you get depend on how you buy your packs. Here is what I've gleaned from observation and reading everyone's blog posts:

1 - Regular/silver banner versions are the only kind that come in hobby and blaster packs but are not exclusive to them.

2 - Refractor/silver banner versions come exclusively in rack packs, two per pack.

3 - Refractor/gold banner versions come exclusively in hanger boxes, four per box.

I could very well be way off, but from what I've seen, I think I'm pretty close.