Friday, February 22, 2013

It Looks Like Topps Made Some Changes to My Million Dollar Chase Roster

You might want to double check your rosters for the 2013 Topps Million Dollar Chase. It looks like four of my players were removed and replaced with other players. On my team, the following players are now off the roster and replaced by:
  • Jean Segura (Brewers) by Albert Pujols
  • Wil Myers (Rays) by Albert Pujols (yes, I got him twice)
  • Carlos Ruiz (Phillies) by Mike Trout (not complaining)

  • Danny Espinosa (Nationals) by Albert Pujols (I get him three times???)
I have rechecked the players chosen for the Chase. What once was a list of 115 is now down to 100. The following players, besides the four previously on my team are now out of the game. If you had these players, you may want to double check to see how your team has been affected:
  • Xander Bogaerts, Red Sox
  • Alfonso Soriano, Cubs
  • Nolan Arenado, Rockies
  • Michael Cuddyer, Rockies
  • Wilin Rosario, Rockies
  • Carlos Peña, Astros
  • Travis d'Arnaud, Mets
  • Daniel Murphy, Mets
  • David Murphy, Rangers
  • Mike Olt, Rangers
  • Michael Morse, Nationals
Now, you may not have been gifted with Angels to replace your players, but it makes you wonder why Topps took these players off the eligible list.

I have seven more players to add to my team thanks to a bit of a shopping spree (will explain this at another time). Here are the additions to my team:

  • WTRHH7XW = Congratulations! You've unlocked Carlos Santana
  • B36886H9 = Congratulations! You've unlocked Albert Pujols (for the fourth time)
  • S8WNJG3Q = Congratulations! You've unlocked David Wright
  • RX3HHKGX = Congratulations! You've unlocked Adrian Beltre
  • KM6X278J = Congratulations! You've unlocked Curtis Granderson
  • RNK4M6GP = Congratulations! You've unlocked Justin Morneau
  • K9D9KLMB = Congratulations! You've unlocked Yadier Molina

I think I will ask @toppscards why they removed the fifteen players and replaced them with either Pujols or Trout. Not that I'm complaining mind you...but I am just curious. The six new players that are on my team are proven hitters. I can't wait to see how this game plays out.


JayBee Anama

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Anonymous said...

You can ask Topps but they won't respond, clearly they don't care about their customers. This will be my last year of collecting anything with "Topps" on it.