Monday, November 7, 2011

Rejoice Sticker Fans!!! For We Will Be Gifted with MLB Stickers in 2012!!!

According to the Number One Source of the Hobby, there will be a 2012 Topps Sticker Collection coming in March.
Cue the cheering crowds.  Cue the excitement.
The good news:  There will be mascot stickers (25 of them).  There will be 2011 season highlight stickers (nine...these replace the legends).  There will be 30 foil team stickers (two logos per sticker, including the new Miami Marlins logo).
The caveat:  There will be 245 player stickers.  The mascot stickers will be part of the team pages, meaning that 25 teams will have eight players on their page plus their biggest cheerleader (245 + 25 =270).  That's 25 less players getting the sticker treatment.  Ouch!
The sticker album will once again contain 32 pages, and hold 309 stickers, just like last year's wildly successful edition.  Now personally, I would have preferred more stickers and more pages, just like the sticker albums of years gone by.  But season highlights are nice.  And the design of the base stickers works. 
It is supposed to come out in March, 2012, just in time for spring training.  Enjoy the preview.


JayBee Anama


flywheels said...

Wow, even the design on these stickers looks better than the 2012 base design! Glad to see the stickers are coming back...even if I haven't finished filling my 2011 book!


Thanks for the good news !

GOGOSOX60 said...

I enjoyed opening up a few packs of 2011 stickers, will buy some more in 2012!!