Monday, November 28, 2011

Introducing Your 2011 MLB Most Valuable Players - A Diamond Duo Imagined

One final card you shouldn't waste your time searching...IT DOESN'T EXIST!!!

When the Rookies of the Year were announced two weeks ago, I snuck in an imagined Diamond Duos card for both Craig Kimbrel and Jeremy Hellickson.When the AL and NL Cy Young Award winners were officially announced, I created a second imagined Diamond Duos card in their honor.

So with these two already done, and the AL and NL MVP's announced last week, I thought, "Why not finish the job and make a final mock-up Diamond Duos card?" The catch was that I didn't want to use the same picture of Justin Verlander from the Cy Young card. Fortunately, both he and Ryan Braun are in the Update Series Diamond Duos insert set. So after scanning, and a quick cut-and paste job (I'm getting the hang of this just as I'm done with it all...go figure), above is the final Diamond Duos card that you will not find anywhere.

I lucked out with this one. Just like the first two, Verlander appears on the left side on his insert card (with Max Scherzer) and Braun is on the right (with Sandy Koufax...the pairing made sense here). All that needed to be done was put Braun's picture over Scherzer, and voila.

Looks good right?

Just don't try to zoom in on the image. Flaws abound. But from a distance, it looks like something from Topps graphics department wouldn't you think?

Oh well.


JayBee Anama

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