Sunday, April 24, 2011

Punk Rock Paint Asks...

Still cleaning out e-mails, and I have one from Travis, the writer, and graphics guru, of Punk Rock Paint. He writes:


"Quick question: Do you know anything about the two different types of DDC cards in the Diamond giveaway? There is a significant quantity available difference, but I don't see a difference. (Note: I AM colorblind...) Any idea?

"I am including a picture to illustrate. If you search 2011 in the card search, you can see.

"Your assistance is appreciated. Feel free to answer on your blog. (My personal "best" resource for all things Topps.)


Travis Peterson
Vice President
Design Propaganda
PunkRockPaint, Inc.

Since I don't have either in my portfolio, I did find the answer to your question, thanks to friend of the blog, eBay rival, and all around good guy Craig Parker (Craig from Texas):

"There is something that you have to know about 2011 Topps Diamond Die Cuts that not too many people are picking up on. There are two different online versions! One is the regular die cut and the other one is the black die cut. How can you tell the difference? Look here:

2011 Topps Diamond REGULAR Die Cut

2011 Topps Diamond BLACK Die Cut

"Look at the diamond and you will see the difference! Not only do people not realize the difference between regular and black diamond die cuts, the most important news of this is that my sources at Topps have said that if you have a black die cut in your online portfolio, then you have a "prize" card. This means the same thing as last years MCG giveaway, in that if you have this in your portfolio, then you can have your cards shipped for FREE!! :)"

While I normally would like verification on the "shipped for FREE" claim, I am wont to take Craig's word on it.  He knows his stuff. Hope that answers your question.


JayBee Anama


beardy said...

"You ain't got to lie Craig!"

Not making accusations, just couldn't resist the urge to quote.

PunkRockPaint said...

Sweet! I have the "prize" Gwynn! Thank you for your help.

Note: My much more observant better half noticed the difference immediately. She didn't give me any info about the shipping, though.