Tuesday, April 5, 2011

2011 Topps Lineage...A Tribute to Inserts from Years Past

Word comes out from the Number One Source in the Hobby about a new product coming in August, 2011 from Topps that, if preview images are to be believed, will pay homage to a number of the "unusual" products that Topps has either inserted in regular packs of Topps over the years, or created as a seperate product entirely during the course of their 60 Year reign as Kings of the Baseball Card World. Introducing 2011 Topps Lineage.

A 200 card base set featuring past and present day players, including a 10 card subset of players selected to an All-Time Rookies team (preview images show Cal Ripken as part of this subset). Could this answer the question of who actually won the voting from 2008 for the All-Time Rookie Team? But it is the inserts that will be included in this set that are at the heart of this set, hence being called "Lineage". To wit, some of the insert sets (the ones announced anyway) include:

  • Topps 3D cards (from 1968) Topps Cloth Stickers (1972, and other years)

  • Topps Venezuelan (Spanish variations)

  • Topps Rookies (the insert cards found in blister packs during the 80's and early 90's)

  • Topps Stand-Ups (from 1964)

  • Tributes to the 1975 Minis, and the 2011 Diamond, Platinum Diamond, and Canary Diamond cards are used for parallel sets for this product.

Autographed cards will be either reprint cards from Topps' 60 Years history, or based on the 1952 design (and that continuity autograph set with congrats from players will be included here as well). Relic cards honor the 1964 Topps Giants set (box-toppers) as well as 1975 Topps Mini set.

As soon as images of the sell sheet appear (found another website that has them), I'll post them here. It sounds like an interesting set to collect, especially if you were collecting the oddball Topps sets in the 60's and 70's.


JayBee Anama


Wrigley Wax said...

Sounds like an interesting idea, but if they don't have any deckle edge cards ala 1969, I would consider the set a failure.

dayf said...

Oh, so they won't bring back Topps Total, but they will do a useless throwaway set that will be as beloved as Topps Fusion in a few years that looks like Topps Total??

I see how you do me Topps. I see.

TDLindgren said...

I just hope they do some reprints of the '75 minis, '64 Topps Stand Ups, etc. Usually, they say they do and then either don't or make a different card than the original.