Sunday, April 24, 2011

An E-mail from PhilM Regarding Derek Jeter, His 2011 Topps Cards, and "The Ball."

I'm finally getting around to cleaning up my e-mails, and I get this one from Phil Melita.  It's very interesting indeed.  He writes:

"Hey JayBee:

"Here's a puzzle for you to track down.  As a Yankee collector, thank you for the heads-up about the blister-pack team sets.  Your mention of the variations got me wondering:  what's with the photo on Topps Opening Day and Topps Series I for Derek Jeter?

"It looks like the exact same shot (not even a split-second difference), but the ball placement is significantly altered.  Do you think the Opening Day is 'Shopped?  In comparison, that ball seems way too low, and maybe Topps wanted to get it prominently in the frame for effect.  It's a conspiracy!

"Anyway, just something I noticed, and wondered if you had as well. 


Comparing the two shots, he's right. Jeter is in the same position on both pictures, and if you watched Cardboard Treasure last month, you'll remember that they did show the actual game footage where they got the shot (unless I'm hallucinating, but I do remember seeing something to that effect).  There is no possible way that Jeter could hold that EXACT pose for more than a second (he was in mid-air, he had to brace for a landing).  But that ball, which in the regular Topps card is almost out of view (thanks to the border) is more visible in the Opening Day card. 


Thanks Phil for pointing that out.  I did not have any Opening Day cards to compare, but this is definitely eye-opening. Was it REALLY that important to get the ball in view on the card?


JayBee Anama

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