Thursday, December 31, 2015

Pack Break Week 4: 2015 Topps Stadium Club

Just realized that I had this ready to go and for some reason it did not publish. I apologize for the delay.

Before we run out to celebrate my sister's birthday (she was born on New Year's Eve), I better get this post for Pack Break Week going. I'm kind of excited by this.

Stadium Club is a product that focuses primarily on photography. It was Topps' first real attempt at unbordered cards, which meant other than a little spot on the card for a design element, you were getting full bleed photographs on little pieces of cardboard. The pictures were sharp, really bringing you close to the action of the ballgame.

After a long run, Topps ended the series, much to the dismay of many collectors who loved the product. Topps did bring it back, but the way it was presented and distributed was a disappointment. After a year hiatus, it came back, and needless to say, it looks like it's here to stay. For how long? Who knows.

This year's edition of Stadium Club not only features the usual sharp photography, but a number of shots that feature some of the lighter side of baseball. To wit, there is a card of HOF pitcher Dennis Eckersley with his racing mascot with the Oakland A's. Also in a tribute to Hobby bloggers everywhere, Bip Roberts was added to the set, wearing a sombrero. I am actually hoping right now that I get either one of these cards in this pack. Of course, getting a SP Kris Bryant card would be great as well.

So what did come out of this pack of 2015 Topps Stadium Club? Here goes:

  • #49 Kurt Suzuki, C, Twins
  • #244 Daniel Norris, P, Blue Jays
  • #214 Brandon Crawford, 2B, Giants
  • #98 Jim Rice, OF, Red Sox
  • #80 Andrew Heaney, P, Angels

In a word...disappointment.

So much for a good pack. Don't get me wrong, the pictures are nice. Love the shot of Crawford in mid-air. But no Cubs, no Bip? Not the greatest pack in the world. Too bad they only put 5 cards in this pack. There should have been more cards. A 5 card pack in today's world should only be sold at a dollar store. I think this pack should have been sold at a dollar store...for less than a penny.

Maybe tomorrow's pack, the 2015 Topps Allen & Ginter's, will be better.

To everyone who is still here reading this humble, little blog, I wish you a very Happy New Year.

So let's get to it:

Goodbye 2015!!!

Hello 2016!!!

Goodbye 2015 Topps Design!!!

Hello 2016 Topps Design!!!

May all your collections grow to new heights. Let's hope Topps makes it a bit easier on us insane set collectors (they probably won't but it's nice to dream.) Thank you for letting me into your computers this past year. I hope to be able to share more of my collection with you in 2016!!!


JayBee Anama

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Jeff Jones said...

Hate 5 card packs. Love the new flagship design