Friday, December 25, 2015

'Twas the Night Before Christmas...and Where I Have Been

The journey that I started when I first wrote on this humble, little blog, brought me to an oasis that I haven't really left yet. Yes, baseball card wise, it was a great year. I have both series of the eponymous product, plus the update set. I set sail aboard the Gypsy Queen for another year and spent some time with Allen and Ginter's. I also have all 32 team sets, so Hobby-wise, 2015 was great.

But for the blog, not so much.

All of the hopes I had for this blog in 2015...most of the things I wanted to write about here in 2015...lost opportunities:
  • The card census...started at 660...never moved higher.
  • The Rookie Review? Where did the time go?
  • The End of the Year All-Star Teams? A flash drive issue put the teams on the back burner.
  • Heck, even my Wallet Card took journeys and they weren't even posted here.

Work and personal time took precedence and the blog was...not ignored nor forgotten, but neglected.

That's the word. Neglected.

I had all of these ideas about what to write about, but then a project would come up that would take up a great portion of my work day. By the time I was done, I would be so spent mentally that I just wasn't ready anymore to write. While this is by no means an excuse, it does explain a lot about how my year has been personally.

Even the Sports Card Blogroll, while still a good source of bringing together the Hobby's best independent voices, was taking a hit. I have a number of people asking for their blogs to be added, but just haven't gotten around to it.

I have even thought about ending my run on this blog because there were times I just thought that I didn't have the time to commit to it anymore.

Then I realized something.

I wasn't writing about the Hobby I love because I wanted to be popular and get my name out there. I wrote this blog for me. If people stumbled onto my blog, liked what I wrote, and then continued to read about my journey, then that's a good thing. I should not allow the pressures of maintaining a blog get to me. This isn't a job. I'm not getting paid. I'm supposed to be doing this for fun.

So what does this mean?

It means, that in 2016, I plan on rectifying this situation. It will no longer be a matter of not having time if I don't do anything around here, it's about making time to write and express myself. In the past, I promised to get back at it (writing here). No more. I can't deal with the empty promises. Not to whatever readers I have left, but to myself.

So hear is the deal. Today is Christmas. A time of celebration. A time to reflect. A time of gift-giving, and time to be with family. My gift for this blog is time. Not full blown hours, but enough to let people know I'm still here. I'm still active in my Hobby, and I'm still willing to write about it. With that, it also means a bit more of a time to enjoy the collection of cards I have now while looking forward to the cards and future of this Hobby.

This past year may not have been the best for the blog. I am going to make sure that it doesn't carry over in 2016.

From my family to yours, have a very Merry Christmas.

May Santa Claus bring whatever you wish for in your stockings on this day. Including baseball cards.


JayBee Anama


Hackenbush said...

Amen and Merry Christmas!

Cardboard Jones said...

I struggle with the same thoughts and feeling about my blog, so you're not alone. Can't wait to see where your card journey leads in the next twelve months and hope it's shared with your readers. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I think that's the right attitude. To me, 80% of why I do the blog is just for myself. It's just a good outlet, and it helps me organize and appreciate my hobby in a better way than I otherwise could. Another 10-15% is to find trades or connect with other bb card collectors.

That leaves just a small amount is probably because I do enjoy the thought that some people read what I write. As long as the other things are the real reason you're doing it, I think it's good - because you can post at your own rate. Leaving it lie for a month, 2 months, even a year is fine if that's your motivation!