Sunday, August 12, 2012

When Your Spouse Says You Haven't Posted Lately, You Know You Have to Write Something

What does it mean when your spouse/other half tells you that you haven't been posting enough lately on your blog????

The reason I ask is because my wife actually pointed that out to me. She knows when I post because it shows up on Facebook (where everybody who "friends" me, including my in-laws), sees my posts.

To be honest, I really haven't been giving my all to the 2012 Topps Baseball Card season. With other matters (bills, mortgage, things you've heard me whine about before...cue world's smallest violin),

taking precedence monetarily, it's been hard to be motivated to spend money on cards (doesn't help that the Cubs have not had a good year either). Add the fact I am soon-to-be-unemployed, and you'll see that it's been a tough year (and we haven't hit September yet).

Well, that will change shortly.


It is because the little windfall that we've been waiting for has finally arrived.

No, not THAT Windfall...

Long story short, the state wants to expand the major road that's on our house.  They needed space (and possibly to tear down our fences) for their equipment.  So IDOT is "renting" out the space.  The money finally came (after months of waiting), and after paying most of our debts (not all as one has a really long way to go), there is a bit of money left over to keep us afloat. My dear wife and I agreed that we could use a bit of the money to spend on whatever we wanted.

So what did I do with my stipend?  Off to the Bay!!!

I finally...FINALLY...bought my 2012 Topps Series 2 master set, with 10 Golden Giveaway cards (yes, they're used, but that was never a problem). I also bought
  • all 30 team sets (even though I already have the Cubs and White Sox team sets), 
  • the last two Prime 9 cards that I needed (Frank Robinson and Albert Pujols) from this year,
  • the last 4 cards I needed from Toppstown (Eric Hosmer, Freddie Freeman, Adam Lind, and Matt Kemp), 
  • a series 2 Gold Rush set (bought series 1 at a card show earlier this year...had to get the second one to complete the set),
  • one Legend of Zelda Wind Waker CD set (for me...I mean the kids). 
With more cards coming my way soon, my collection, which has been sitting idle for a long time will now grow substantially.  Now if I can only find the money for card #661...maybe I'll just get a factory set copy...


JayBee Anama

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