Saturday, April 28, 2012

Are You Ready for Harper-Mania??!

Thanks to Ryan Zimmerman being placed on the DL, the brain trust of the Washington Nationals have decided to call up the number 2 ranked prospect in the minor leagues per (ironically, the Angels also called up the number 3 prospect in the minor leagues, but he made his Major League Debut last year).

That's right folks, Bryce Harper, the second coming of the Hobby apocalypse (the first was his teammate and today's starting pitcher Stephen Strasburg), is set to make his MLB debut today, April 28, 2012, at Dodgers Stadium.

Do you know what this means??!  DO YOU??!

It means that the wait is over for collectors of Topps cards (note I am not saying Bowman or Pro Debut cards) to get their hands on a card featuring the Nationals' wunderkind with this:

Now, the Hobby Twitterverse has been abuzz with speculation ever since @toppscards wrote this:

So we are hearing something about some" kid" named Bryce getting called up to the Bigs? Anybody know what this is all about? :)
Check in next week, will begin to share our BIG plans for Bryce Harper, we are excited for his debut tomorrow. Stay tuned... 
So speculation time folks.  Will Topps put him in Series 2 or Update?  Will Topps add a 2012 Topps designed card into their Golden Giveaway program akin to Strasburg just two years ago?  Will there be exclusives at this year's National (which I can't go to this year)?  Will there be #661 in the Update series AND Series 2 factory sets (again, just like Strasburg two years ago)?

I have a better question?

When Ryan Zimmerman is taken off the DL, will the Nationals be sending Harper down for more AAA seasoning?

Get ready for a storm folks.  Things are about to get interesting.


JayBee Anama

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Zippy Zappy said...

I'm definitely interested in seeing how he does. It'll be like a glimpse into the future, especially with Mike Trout getting the call up too.