Friday, February 25, 2011

Getting the Blogroll Ready for Baseball Season

It's no surprise that the number of baseball card blogs surpass all the other blog categories. That's not a shot against football, basketball, and even hockey blogs and bloggers. But as baseball remains king of the Hobby world, the number of its loyal subjects will remain large.

When it comes to the Sports Card Blogroll, the number of new blogs that sprout will most likely come during these next few months as baseball season begins and runs through it's early stages. But before we prepare for the new entries into the Hobby blogging pool, it is time to remove those who have not been active since the Giants ended the 2010 baseball season with their World Series win.

Before we clean up the roll, let's review the results of last month's cleanup. There were 325 blogs on the active roster. Six were removed, leaving us with 319 blogs. This month, we were able to climb back to 325 blogs as six blogs were added or returned to the active roster. So here now are the blogs that reached the six month threshold of inactivity:
That's fourteen blogs that will be removed. I think this is the record for most number of blogs being removed. This sends the active roster spiraling down to 311 blogs (a loss of -8). I am hoping for a quick turnaround and that the number of blogs increases again. We need more voices and opinions on our Hobby.

I'd be more than happy to add blogs from other sports to the Sports Card Blogroll. Whether it's soccer, rugby, cricket, or even wrestling and mixed-martial arts. If you have a blog, or are a reader of a blog that has blogs about the cards or about collecting cards of these sports, please send me an e-mail. If you have a blog that you'd like to recommend for our regular sports as well, please feel free to do the same. If you're like 26 Cent Summer, which was removed from the blogroll but is now back and active again, and would like to be added back to the SCBR, contact me at The more information we can share with the rest of the Hobby Community, the better our experiences in this hobby will be.


JayBee Anama

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