Wednesday, February 2, 2011

And Don't Forget...Target and WalMart Have Exclusive Insert Sets Too.

In 2006, Topps exclusively inserted a set of 54 cards featuring players from Topps designs from 1952-2005 in blasters and packs sold at Walmart.

In 2007, Walmart again had a 54 card set, this time featuring designs from previous companies and years (a preview of the successful Baseball Card History). Topps exclusively inserted a set of 36 cards honoring Ted Williams' chase of .400 (in series 1 and 2) and a "Life of Mickey Mantle set" with the Updates and Highlights series. Topps also gave KMart their own exclusive set, capitalizing on the year's Generation Now theme with a 54 card set of "variation cards"

In 2008, Walmart, Target, and KMart found themselves the exclusive homes for Dick Perez cards (Walmart), Topps 205 cards (Target), and Rookie Variation cards (KMart).

In 2009, with KMart no longer in the mix, Walmart and Target were the exclusive stores to find Gold and Silver variation cards from the Legendary Lineage set (an extension of the regular set, these featured gold and silver borders).

In 2010, Topps included mini cards honoring their classic 1951 cards (Blue and Red Backs) in packs, with Walmart handling the Blue team and Target the Red set.

So what has Topps unleashed upon the masses for 2011 at your favorit big box stores?

Walmart gets Blue Diamond cards (45 in all, 15 in the first set)

And Target gets Red Diamond cards (same deal).

Don't you just love it when new cards come out???


JayBee Anama

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Anonymous said...

I'm not a big fan of these inserts. In fact, the only insert set I'm really interested in so far is the Kimball Champion minis.