Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Did Anybody Mention that the Diamond Giveaway is Now Up and Running?

So I missed it when it was announced in many places in the Hobby Blogosphere that Topps' new Website is now up and running. So since I opened 20 packs (and two rack packs), I thought I'd take anybody who's interested on a virtual tour of their new site.

You know, to see what you're supposed to do here as to what we had to experience last year.

Okay, so entering (somehow, it shows up as will bring you to this screen:

Now, if you played with the Million Card Giveaway site last year, you don't need to reregister. Enter your code in the field provided and hit go.

The screen will pop up with the card you've redeemed (figure my luck, I get a 1987 Topps card...and it's a manager). If it makes you feel any better, my second card was a 1988 Topps Rich Gossage. At least it's of a HOF.

After you redeem your card, you are invited to dig a plot in a virtual baseball field to find a ring (there are 250 plots if you're counting). There are 60 different virtual rings to find. Get all 60, and you can win one of the Topps 60th Anniversary rings (see prize counter on the left side of the screen). Now it's not asking you to redeem any 60 need to find ALL 60 DIFFERENT RINGS!!!

And go figure, I wind up with not one...

But TWO New York Yankees rings.

You are able to trade cards AND rings...but the option to do so is not yet available.

I have five more diamond cards to redeem, so hopefully I get something decent. Here's hoping. Hope you enjoyed the tour. Now, if you'd like, you can click on the link at the beginning to see a video on how it all works.


JayBee Anama

P.S. The other five cards redeemed: 1990 Walt Terrell, 2001 Todd Hollandsworth, 1992 Geronimo Peña, 1997 Willie Adams, 1975 Duffy Dyer. And away we go. jba

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William said...

So, it looks like the available cards are recycles of last years MCG? I was hoping the cards available would be more in line with the 60 greatest Topps cards. Wishful thinking, I suppose.