Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2011 Topps Series 1 is on the Bay!!!

It looks like even though the street release for the newest product isn't until this Wednesday (and if you're in the midwest, good luck getting to your local card shop...or anywhere for that matter), a few of the eBay case busters have already received their product and have begun posting auctions of product online!!!

Here are some pictures (not linking to the auctions):

Feast your eyes on these boys and girls!

And after a year of that gaudy silver ASRT cup, they brought back the gold. Thank goodness!

Somebody went to Target! At least we get to see what the back of the card looks like.

If anybody calls this a shortprint, they're lying!!!

This is a set I'm looking forward to acquiring.

More will be coming soon. Here's hoping to get that master set quickly and at a good price.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!!!


JayBee Anama


Anonymous said...

Call it a disorder, but I have an affinity for minis. So I'm glad to see them in this set. That will probably be the only inserts I chase this year.

Anonymous said...

Interesting - the vote:topps site is still on number 23, and Topps S1 has now been released. Wasn't that the whole point of creating that website?

I don't care that much, but it just looks bad. It looks as if someone at Topps is just being lazy and has forgotten to update the website each day. If you weren't going to follow through with the promotion - just don't do that part of the promotion. Not the way to run a business if you ask me...