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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Short Prints in 2009 Topps Updates & Highlights...Which Current Player was Paired with an SP???

Topps is honoring twenty-one legendary players in it's 2009 eponymous Updates and Highlights set with short-printed cards. All of the players selected are Hall of Famers (or in two cases, living legends...thanks PAB for setting me straight). And just like the SP's in series 1 and 2, the twenty-one legends are numbered as if they are part of the flagship set (as you will see below). The kicker is that four players will have two variation cards, and a pair of legends is sharing one card number. So, which active player is being paired up with the legend?

For those keeping score, here is the official 2009 Topps Updates and Highlights SP checklist:

  • #UH47 Carlos Beltran, #UH47b Duke Snider.
  • #UH48 Albert Pujols, #UH48b Roger Maris.
  • #UH52 Kyle Blanks, #UH52b Bo Jackson.
  • #UH65 Joe Mauer, #UH65b Paul Molitor
  • #UH71 Chase Utley, #UH71b Rogers Hornsby, #UH71c Ryne Sandberg.
  • #UH98 Hanley Ramirez, #UH98b Honus Wagner.
  • #UH103 Evan Longoria, #UH103b Wade Boggs.
  • #UH148 Jason Bay, #UH148b Tris Speaker.
  • #UH150 Raul IbaƱez, #UH150b Ty Cobb.
  • #UH153 Ichiro Suzuki, #UH153b George Sisler.
  • #UH186 Zack Greinke, #UH186b Christy Mathewson.
  • #UH198 Roy Halladay, #UH198b Cy Young.
  • #UH232 Tim Lincecum, #UH232b Nolan Ryan CAL, #UH232c Nolan Ryan NYM.
  • #UH250 Mark Teixeira, #UH250b Johnny Mize NYY, #UH250c Johnny Mize NYG.
  • #UH253 Prince Fielder, #UH253b Reggie Jackson CAL, #UH253c Reggie Jackson OAK.
  • #UH260 Ryan Howard, #UH260b Willie McCovey.
  • #UH281 Kevin Youkilis, #UH281b Jimmie Fox.
  • #UH318 Carl Crawford, #UH318b Rickey Henderson.
  • #UH325 Torii Hunter, #UH325b Frank Robinson
  • #UH330 Ken Griffey, Jr., #UH330b Babe Ruth Braves, #UH330c Babe Ruth Red Sox.
Pictures of all 25 cards can be seen here. These cards look fantastic, but the chase is probably going to stretch into next year (at this rate). Nothing on eBay (yet) showing big-time gimmicks or unannounced SP cards (yet).

I am now looking for 30 SP cards, five from series 2 (you should all be able to rattle them off in your sleep, Ryan, Ripken, Frank Robinson, Marichal, Schmidt), and the 25 above. I keep telling myself, "Patience. You don't need to rush. Take your time." I don't know if I need to stop listening to myself or if I need therapy.

The chase is on.


JayBee Anama


Brian said...

That is going to be one big time chase...patience grasshopper!

PAB said...

Nice know this info. By the way two of these players aren't in the Hall. Bo and Roger Maris.

Brad said...

Just found the Rickey Henderson--was wondering what was up, since I have the Carl Crawford with the same number. Thanks for the answer to that mystery. Now I want them all too! Happy collecting. -Brad