Saturday, August 30, 2008

On Behalf of My Family...

I would like to say thank you to those in the Hobby blogosphere who left comments in the post about my Grandmother. I don't know any of you personally, but I will the more involved I am here. But your words and prayers were truly appreciated by me and my family. My mom was even touched by the outpouring of support left by you. So again, thank you very much.

Gloria Y. Nichols passed away on Monday, August 25, at 5:05 pm CST. She left knowing that we loved her very much, and that we will always remember the kindness and generosity she displayed, and for the lessons that she taught.

She was also an avid diarist. She was known to write down in journals (each with the year emblazoned on the front) everything that she did on a particular day. She wrote in detail where she went, who she was with, what she spent (on the top right corner of every page, if she spent any money, she wrote it there), and her thoughts about the people in her lives.

After reading a few entries from two of her books (1985 and 2003 for contrast), I realized that I had asked about the possibility of transcribing her diaries to preserve her memories, possibly in a blog format. My mom said that it would be a great idea to do that. It's going to be a lot of work, only because there are so many diaries (there must be at least 70 or more of these books), and that the handwriting at times could be hard to read. So even if one was to type a week's worth of entries in a day, we're looking at more than 520 days of work (a year plus). The good news is that the entries were only a page long, and some may have been one sentence long (one entry in 2003 just had the words, "Nothing sensational." written on the page. So it can be done.

With my mother's permission, and the blessing that names of individuals could be mentioned, the task of entering my grandmothers journals will begin soon (after I get all of her books).

My collection and I will be back after this weekend. And I vow to post with more reckless abandon than before. There is a lot of my collection that I have not shared here yet, so come back soon for that. Thanks again.


JayBee Anama

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