Saturday, August 2, 2008

I Love Comments...Keep Them Coming!!!

Time to answer some comments:

To dayf, about that Chipper card, there were three other packs with his card on it. If it's still there, I'll pick one up for you.

To fielderschoice regarding the Congrats post, no I'm not a Padres fan, but when I noticed as I was going through my cards that they were together for a couple of years as Padres, that I thought to highlight that little blip in history. Besides, this is the same Padres team that knocked the Cubs out in 1984, so I have a bit of little boy angst towards that particular team. But hey, it's a good theme.

To jv, fielderschoice, and Big Daddy, regarding my review of the National, I'll take pictures, including the Dmitri Young collection (you have to see it to believe how impressive this is), and I'll be going again on Saturday. If you plan on going to the show, I'll be wearing a Topps baseball cap (I was mistaken for a Topps employee a few times on Thursday), along with carrying a Topps gym bag (can you see why I was mistaken for a Topps employee???) to carry my stuff. Today is shopping day, so I hope to find things that I'd like at the show.

Keep those comments coming. Thanks for reading.


JayBee Anama


dayf said...

Thanks, man. I looked at the Target near me and they didn't have any. Do you want cards or cash in return?

Big Daddy said...

OK, I went to the show before I read your blog. I saw you there with your daughter. I was just walking around and saw the Topps hat and bag and thought you were some kind of employee.