Saturday, May 24, 2008

People are actually reading my blog!!!

So I started this humble blog to talk about my baseball card collection, and it looks like people are ACTUALLY READING IT!!! How do I know? Their leaving me comments.

Thanks to John at oldschoolbreaks for pointing out that Gary Sheffield is still an active player from the 1997 Topps Sweet Strokes post (I only pointed out Ken Griffey Jr, Chipper Jones, and Frank Thomas as still active in 2008).

And thank you to mr. schwartz for his comment on the 1984 Topps Set review. I really am not a fan of the little head shots on the corner, but that, along with the vertical team name going along the side, makes the 1984 Topps design unique. It kind of deviates from the 20 year pattern for these little headshots however (1963 had that large circle, 1983 had the same large circle, 2003 had the infield shaped headshot picture. I'm pretty sure we'll see it again in 2023 Topps).

My little blog is getting exposure on the internet. And I thank those who have linked my humble blog on their sites (dayf, Mario, John). Again, I am new to the blogosphere, and I will get better. Thank you for welcoming me into the neighborhood.


JayBee Anama


Mr. Schwartz said...

Just keep up the good work. Remember if people are posting that they disagree with you, you're doing something right.

Anonymous said...

You have just been BOOKMARKED!!!!