Monday, May 19, 2008

I Think I Can Stick to a Decent Schedule

Now that I'm a commited blogger, I should make an effort to stick with a schedule so you, the reader (is there anyone out there???), will know on a certain day what I'll be talking about. So here goes:

Mondays = Cards that make you go...WHAT??! where the spotlight is put on a card that for one reason or another make me wonder, "What was Topps thinking??!"

Tuesdays = Quote of the week. It could be a current quote, it could be one from many years ago. But somehow, I'll put a card to the quote.

Wednesdays = Anything goes. Could be talking about cards, could be talking about players, could be rambling about the state of the Hobby, could be anything. Or nothing at all.

Thursdays = Insert set of the week. Highlighting insert sets from Topps' past and how (or if) it has impacted the hobby.

Fridays = Set of the week. Spotlighting a baseball set from Topps long history of products.

Saturdays and Sundays = Anything goes. See Wednesdays.


JayBee Anama

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