Monday, September 30, 2013

What Do You Mean the Season's Not Yet Over??!

The Cubs and White Sox both just stunk up the joint in 2013, so I'm glad the season's over (so Chicagoans can focus their attention on the Bears, Bulls, and the defending Stanley Cup Champion Blackhawks...don't forget the Fire) . Whoever wins in the just about anybody's guess...

Wait...what do you mean the season's not over?

You mean the Rays and Rangers have to play a game 163 just so they can get into the playoffs as the "fifth seed???"

You mean to tell me that all my plans for October have to be delayed by one day??!

I guess I can wait.

So much to do in October.

Remember, it was at this time last year that this humble, little blog was able to run one Random Topps Card of the Day for nine straight months (give or take)? I even was able to add a Team Set of the Week and the Topps Pro Debut Card of the Week. Where am I going with this?

Let's just say that the Randomizer will be up and running again, with a whole new look. You'll have to wait and see what I mean tomorrow.

Also, the usual end of the year articles will be posted before the end of October, including:

  • The Topps All-Star Rookie Team Contest, beginning with a look at the players MLB thought of as Top Rookies. Take notes here because these are the guys who you will have to pick for the annual contest. The grand prize? If someone guesses all the players who get onto the team correctly, they could win a complete 2005 Topps Rookie Cup set.
  • Our yearly look at the Major League Debutantes of 2013, and comparing this class to the class from 1993. It's fun to look back to see how the rookies of a generation ago stacked up against this year's rookie crop? Who had the longest career? Who's MLB career ended as soon after that one special game? Stay tuned.
  • Because of the one-game playoff, bdj610's End-of-the-Year All-Star Teams for 2013 will be announced in a four-part post (as it has been since 2008) after the season stats have been tabulated. On Tuesday, the bullpens of both teams (4 closers and one middle reliever per League) will be announced. Wednesday will feature the starting rotations (six starters per side). Thursday will be the day that will ensure that all 30 teams has an All-Star. And finally on Friday, both 36-man rosters for the American and National Leagues will be announced. 
Also, because of the computer meltdown earlier this month, I had to recreate the spreadsheets that contain my templates for the Sports Card Blogroll. The goal now is to get all of the sites onto Excel so that I can maintain the site again properly.

It's 4-2 Rays going into the top of the seventh now at the Ballpark in Arlington. Then, it's on to the postseason.

Or as I'd like to think of it as...WHEN WILL TOPPS UPDATE SERIES GET HERE??!


JayBee Anama

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