Thursday, September 5, 2013

An Email to Find the Perfect Present for the Collector Who Almost Has Everything

I received an email recently from Allie in South Carolina, with a very interesting question:

Hi! I did indeed stumble upon your blog in the process of looking for a 40th birthday present for my husband, an avid collector of baseball and football cards :) I must confess immediately to knowing almost nothing about card collecting. But my boys and I are putting together a huge box of 40 of his favorite things for his birthday, and I have been somewhat stymied by the 'baseball card' category. Right now he is working on completing a set of football cards from a particular year, but I don't have any way (without asking him) of figuring out which ones he still needs. question for you is whether there is something I could get him that is somewhat of an outside-the-box gift for a man who has everything, including a LOT of baseball cards? The other day he ordered a jeweler's loop so that he could examine the edges and coloration of certain cards and I was so bitter that I hadn't thought of that! Is there a particular supply that not many people know about which is secretly indispensable? Is there a book that is an invaluable resource for collectors? I just don't know where to look!

Any advice would be so helpful! Thank you sooo much, and take care!

Because she didn't specify what kinds of cards he has, I made the following suggestions:

  • Toploaders and boxes to store cards
  • if he has mini cards (like for A&G, GQ, and Topps 206), a box of 15-pocket pages
  • books (because those who collect ANYTHING is also a book collector) like the annual Beckett Almanacs, or even books like Mint Condition, Cardboard Gods, or The Card (the T206 Honus Wagner story).
As a collector of sports cards, if you were going to ask for something other than cards, what would you want to get for your birthday present? Are the above items that I came up with good ideas? Am I missing something? Please let me know in the comments section. I will also post this query on Twitter. Any good suggestions will be quickly forwarded to Allie. 



JayBee Anama


Chris Reed said...

Maybe a binder, 100 9 pocket pages, and a gift certificate to Dave and Adam, eBay, etc

The Junior Junkie said...

Griffeys, of course. Only Griffeys. Lots of Griffeys.

You're welcome.

Brad's Blog said...

I really like book cards, and the cases run 8-9 dollars a piece. Those are nice gifts. The magnetic book card display cases, assuming he owns any book cards.

REJ said...

After more than 25 years of baseball card collecting, I discovered a large book titled, 'Topps Baseball Cards: A 35 Year History. The book is a complete picture collection of every Topps card made between 1951 and either 1985 or 1990, depending on which book you get. It is a must-have for every collector.