Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2014 Topps Gypsy Queen Sell Sheets are Now Live!!!

If Topps continues it's recent consistency when it comes to its products, the second set that I will be looking forward to getting, just after 2014 Topps Series 1, will be Gypsy Queen.

Now I know you're probably asking, why don't you collect Heritage. I never really got into Heritage, not because I don't appreciate the company's past designs, but I don't know, it just didn't get my attention back in 2001 when the Golden Anniversary Set was all the rage. My mind was more focused on getting the 50 card Through the Years set, so even though Heritage was a hot seller, it was never really on my "must have" radar.

With that said, I like the Gypsy Queen product. Especially the style used for the photos. It's not textured (or painted akin to Turkey Red) but it has a unique quality all its own. And after three years, it has established its own identity. So I was happy to find out that the GQ brand will return in 2014. And just today, I found the sell sheets:

It is another 350 cards set, with 300 base and 50 short-printed cards. There are also SP variation cards (that I don't really collect, but don't mind ever pulling). The font used for the Gypsy Queen header is bolder and more modern looking than its counterpart from four years ago. The design is bold and I love the details on the corners.

While many collectors flock to the relic and auto cards (many of which are on card), I like the basic inserts. The themes are simple, and the cards themselves complement the base set with their own unique designs. There will be five different insert sets in the 2014 edition, including:

  • Dealing Aces (20 cards), the set featuring the best starting pitchers in the game,
  • Collisions at the Plate (10 cards), featuring catchers defending the plate against some of the game's best in an effort to keep them from touching home,
  • Glove Stories (10 cards), showing off 10 players who can play defense with grace and agility,
  • Debut All-Stars (15 cards), featuring All-Star players at their first All-Star Game appearance, and
  • N174 Gypsy Queen (15 cards), featuring legendary players in the old N174 design.
Both the Debut All-Stars and N174 GQ cards are new to the basic insert series. There will be the usual run of parallel cards galore, in many shades of the rainbow. 

So get ready retro-collectors. With the product coming in at the beginning of the season, you only have six months to prepare for the arrival of one of the better mid-level sets in the Hobby today.


JayBee Anama

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