Thursday, September 19, 2013

Well, the Good News is...

I was able to get the Internet AND my scanner back onto the computer in the basement (the home base for this humble, little blog when not using the laptop/cell phone combo), so I am happy to report that I can get scanned images back onto the blog. 

Now, if there was any way to get my Office docs back up and running...

Anyway, it's been quiet on the Topps card front for me. This year's edition of Allen & Ginter's is waiting to be placed in the binder, and all I'm waiting for now is Update Series, which won't be coming in until after the season is over.

Speaking of which, it's just about that time to review rookie statistics to help those who plan on participating in the annual contest determine who will be named to the 2013 Topps All-Star Rookie Team. Based by all the hype this year, I think it's safe to say that two slots can be filled RIGHT NOW (I'm not going to say which, but if you've been following the game all year, you know who I am talking about).

I have to get the spreadsheet up and running and will put up the names tonight or by tomorrow evening. There are some pretty big names in the running for the 10-11 team spots (depending on what Topps feels like doing this year with the pitchers again), so it should make for a very interesting debate.

In the mean time, I have decided to take stock of the boxes of random cards I have in my collection and get to the process of sorting, renaming, and possibly putting them all in a spreadsheet so I can help out collectors/bloggers with their want lists. Sure I could have done this when I wasn't working (which by the way it has been now 1 year since DPI closed its facility in Chicago, thus putting me out of work in the first place), but I was busy with more important matters (like finding a new job...). Now that I have said job, free time is a bit more of a premium. But I'm sure if I ask the right people, I can get some "me" time to work on this. It may take some time...we'll see.

That's all to report. I have decided that the Randomizer will be reset and will be up and running again in October. I will probably do a bit of a re-format to the Random Cards of the Day, most likely eliminating the normally long-winded commentary (I'm no judge on players or how well they did other than stats nor am I witty enough to say something about them personally). I'll probably stick with short commentary with the Pro Debut cards, but not so much with the regulars. I'll have to find a way to include insert cards and maybe some cards from other sets...but I'm getting ahead of myself now.

I guess with the scanner back up and running, my mind is running in a million different directions. Care to join me on this new journey?


JayBee Anama

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