Thursday, December 13, 2012

Twitter Pictures I Missed

Apparently the Topps Company is counting down the days until pitchers and catchers report for spring training. Until that day comes, they have been showing pictures of what is to come in 2013. While they have been showing preliminary sheets of products like Heritage, since I don't really collect that brand, I'm skipping them.

What I will be showing instead are things that are of interest to me, and may be to you as well. Here we go.

Hey, we get a sneak peek into what to expect for 2013 Topps Archives. By the looks of things, 1972, 1982, and 1985 Topps designs look to be a contenders for one of the four designs used for the pseudo-Heritage base set.

The 1972 Topps minis look really good. I guess they couldn't photoshop a Blue Jays jersey fast enough on Jose Reyes.

The yellow field on these minis (which I'm guessing are for autos) really defeats the purpose of utilizing the 1972 Topps design. Why couldn't they stick with the original plans of just fading the bottom portion of the card for the stickers???

Now this is what I'm talking about. These look nice with or without autographs.

Topps Black parallel cards. Maybe later they'll show the green, or the camouflage, or even pink.

What every collector will be looking for once they hear 2013 Topps cards are on shelves everywhere.

On an unrelated note, with all the commotion that has taken place within the last couple of days in LA (for both Dodgers and Angels) should we be expecting super-short print cards of Josh Hamilton in an Angels jersey and Zack Greinke in a Dodgers uniform?  You never know.


JayBee Anama

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night owl said...

Looks like they're staying true to the colors they used with each team in 1972 (Yankees-yellow, Dodgers-gold, Cubs-pink, etc.).