Thursday, September 13, 2012

Leaving DPI With My Head Held High...and a 2007 Topps S1 Pack Break

Not a bad picture from a cell phone, don't you think?

Before I begin, I want to thank all of you who have sent me words of encouragement since I first mentioned that I will be out of a job.  Whether it be through e-mails, comments on this humble little blog, or even on Twitter (which I guess I'll have a bit more time to be on now), the notes have come fast and furious.  I know many of you have been through this situation before.  Heck some of you wrote of your experiences on your blogs and other sites.  I will take everything under advisement, even the possibility of just taking a couple of weeks off, just to clear my mind and be refreshed before continuing the job hunt.

The warehouse is now empty.  The last food item left the dock this afternoon.  Tomorrow is the last day I work for DPI Specialty Foods (formerly Skandia Foods).  I started with the company on May 18, 1998, meaning that for 5233 days, I worked for one company.  Yes, many people have worked longer in one location.  That's not the point.  The thing was that I was told that the average person would work at least 6-10 jobs or places before he or she turned 30.  I managed to stay with one.

After I leave the office for the last time, a new chapter in my life begins.  A new adventure is waiting for me.  I just have to figure out what path to take and go from there.

In the mean time, let's get on to some pack breaking.

A few years ago, I found the above four blister packs at Meijer.  Yes, they were already in the condition you see above, the cardboard packages crumpled from years of neglect.  Since these were the last three on the shelf, I had to get them.  I never opened them, figuring I'd get around to it eventually.  So why not now.

Each blister package contains two packs of 2007 Topps Series 1, Series 2, or Updates and Highlights.  Lots of key cards in this set (including a Derek Jeter #40) could be in these packs, waiting five years to be discovered.  What did I get?  Let's start with Series 1:

Pack 1:

  • #187 Matt Cain, Giants
  • #207 Mark Mulder, Cardinals
  • #56 Mark Loretta, Red Sox
  • #147 Javier Vazquez, White Sox
  • #159 Jason Michaels, Indians
  • #204 Juan Rivera, Angels
  • #142 Trot Nixon, Red Sox
  • #47 Ben Broussard, Mariners
  • #205 Cory Sullivan, Rockies
  • #306 Mike Cameron, Padres, Gold Glove Award
  • #258 Mike Hargrove, Mariners, MGR
  • #112 Jeff Conine, Reds
Pack 2:
  • #73 Moises Alou, Mets
  • #290 Matt Holliday, Rockies
  • #34 Paul Konerko, White Sox
  • #32 Andy Pettitte, Yankees
  • #103 Pedro Feliz, Giants
  • #106 Ryan Garko, Indians
  • #330 Ryan Howard, Phillies (hey, got the cover boy of Series 1)
  • #GN182 David Wright Generation Now 36 of 40 Doubles
  • #11 Julio Lugo, Red Sox
  • #210 Kazuo Matsui, Rockies
  • #263 Kevin Kouzmanoff, Padres
  • #50 Miguel Cabrera, Marlins
Not bad. Two average packs of series 1.  Other than the Generation Now card and a few others, not too much to scream about.  No Jeter, no Cubs cards (wound up with two White Sox ones though).  Oh well.  I'll probably get to Series 2 and U&H tomorrow.

Probably while I'm at work.  You never know.


JayBee Anama

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