Friday, September 14, 2012

Leaving DPI With My Head Held High...and a 2007 Topps S2 Pack Break

I'm counting down the hours before I become a FORMER employee of my company.  We're having a meeting to discuss what to do next in about an hour or so.  So I figure it's best to do the second round of pack breaks now.

As mentioned previously, I have had these 2007 Topps blister packs unopened since I bought them in 2009.  Basically, these cards have been sitting inside waiting to be opened for more than six years.  I've got a bit of time now, so let's see what cards are in these two packs of 2007 Topps Series 2.

Pack 1:
  • #567 Chris Stewart, Rangers
  • #535 Jon Lieber, Phillies
  • #595 Cleveland Indians Team Card
  • #460 Jose Reyes, Mets
  • #364 Conor Jackson, Diamondbacks
  • #408 Kevin Millar, Orioles
  • #343 Shin-Soo Choo, Indians
  • #MHR312 Mickey Mantle Home Run History Card #312
  • #459 Jeff Suppan, Brewers
  • #579 Taylor Tankersley, Marlins
  • #335 Brian McCann, Braves
  • #465 Jhonny Peralta, Indians (three Indians cards in one pack...must be a record)
Pack 2:
  • #587 Brian Bannister, Royals
  • #653 Sean Casey/Placido Polanco, Tigers, Classic Combos
  • #502 Brian Roberts, Orioles
  • #610 Jim Leyland, Tigers, MGR
  • #473 Xavier Nady, Pirates
  • #586 Willy Aybar, Braves
  • #426 Jeff Francour, Braves
  • #JD45 Joe DiMaggio The Streak #45
  • #420 Jeff Weaver, Mariners
  • #405 Josh Willingham, Marlins
  • #469 Ryan Church, Nationals
  • #388 Torii Hunter, Twins
Two more average packs of 2007 Topps.  Got BFF's McCann and Francour, and one JoeD.  I have full sets of both DiMaggio series (The Streak and the Streak Before the Streak).  This was around the time that Topps went crazy with the insert sets highlighting one SPECIFIC event (see Mantle Home Run History, the subsequent Bonds and ARod Home Run History, the Generation Now set, the Josh Gibson Home Run History set, the Moments and Milestones sets...should I continue???).  While they look great in a binder, they take just too much space.  My Generation Now complete insert set is in a separate binder away from the rest of my 2007 Master set.

Maybe later, I'll finish with the Updates and Highlights packs.  I'll probably wait until I get home.  Here we go.


JayBee Anama

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JediJeff said...

I love the "Streak Before the Streak" cards. That Seals uniform he wears is such the bomb that I drooled over it for year's at Ebbets Field Flannels. Wife and kids bought it for me a few Father's Day's ago - it's probably my favorite article of clothing to wear.