Friday, June 1, 2012

You Mean It Finally Happened??! Topps Was Actually Right!!! (Well, Almost...)

I'm just getting word that a pitcher from the New York Mets has finally pitched a no-hitter.

Is this true?

It seems so.

Who did it???

That guy!!!

Okay, so Topps was almost four years late on the date.  And he did it against the St. Louis Cardinals, and not the Florida Marlins.

But Johan Santana, just as the card predicted, has just pitched the Mets first ever no-hitter!!!

Somewhere, Mark Hendrickson is breathing a heavy sigh of relief.  Congratulations Johan on your accomplishment.  Congratulations to the Mets who have finally gotten their no-no after 8019 regular season games.  Topps, you got this one right...somehow.

Now I have to wonder what those guys who had the Mets "No No-Hitter" blog are going to do now???


JayBee Anama


jacobmrley said...

The first thing I thought after Freese struck out was "they can finally retire" the second thing I thought was "hey, Topps already made a card that says Johan pitches Mets first No Hitter, now they can do it and mean it!

Bo said...

That no-hitter is pretty tainted. Only the Mets could have their first no-hitter be a one-hitter.