Monday, June 11, 2012

A Quick Lunchtime 2-Pack Break of 2012 Topps Series 2

I’m just sitting here at my desk eating my lunch of leftover jambalaya and ramen noodles, thinking about what to do with the two packs of 2012 Topps Series 2 that I bought on Saturday (yes, since my last post, I did go to Target before the last dance show of the evening). And I thought, I have four minutes before I punch back in, why not go ahead and post what I got from those two packs.

Okay, before it’s time to get back to work, here is what appeared in the packs of cards I purchased on Saturday.

Pack 1 (rip):

• #481 Matt Harrison, Rangers
• #650 Prince Fielder, Tigers (note that the 2B/3B stat category has been corrected and the BB header is back instead of W…finally)
• #355 Mark Buehrle, Marlins (photoshopped Marlins jersey…why didn’t they fix the color border on the Marlins from teal to orange? The color border is supposed to match the color of the surfboard. The border on this card appears to be blue)
• #433 Nate McLouth, Pirates (didn’t know he came back to the Pirates this year…)
• #383 Andre Ethier, Dodgers
• #ACA-16 Sandy Koufax A Cut Above (die cut card…corners are sharp - all seven of them)
• #TM-58 Prince Fielder 1987 Mini card (two Fielders…great)
• #460 Thomas Field RC, Rockies (a shortstop who is living up to his last name, get it?)
• #390 Taylor Green RC, Brewers
• #359 Danny Espinosa ASRT, Nationals (remember, there is a regular card AND a card with a trophy)
• #535 Joe Mauer, Twins
• #404 Jonathan Sanchez, Royals

Pack 2 (tear)

• #421 Heath Bell, Marlins (again with a photoshopped Marlins jersey)
• #389 Alexi Casilla, Twins
• #449 Shane Victorino, Phillies
• #369 Huston Street, Padres (he’s still playing???)
• #534 Hector Gomez RC, Rockies (that’s two…TWO Rockies rookie cards)
• #418 Jarrod Parker RC, Athletics
• #562 Henderson Alvarez, Blue Jays (Gold sparkle parallel card)
• #GF-44 Matt Dominguez Gold Futures
• #410 Jeff Locke RC, Pirates (how did he get a card ending in “0”?)
• #463 Francisco Cordero, Blue Jays
• #578 Wade Davis, Rays
• #475 Chris Dickerson, Yankees

Pictures to come later. Opinions to come later. Time to go back to work.


JayBee Anama

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