Saturday, February 25, 2012

You Mean to Tell Me Somebody FINALLY Cracked the 2011 Ginter Code??!

After months and months of twitter clues, websites with every card posted, and tons of theories regarding the 2011 Crack the Ginter Code Contest, it looks like somebody (or some bodies) finally did it.

Want to know how??? Visit the site below to learn how Frank, with the help of Ryan, and Guillaume, cracked the code.
First Point of Aries: The 2011 Ginter Code Story

Congratulations gentlemen on a job well done.  Frank should be able to make it onto this year's set (he should...there were a number of TBA's in the initial checklist), but his victory (and Ryan's and Guillaume's) is well deserved.

Next you're going to tell me that 100 people entered 200 coins in the Golden Giveaway Con...oh, it happened??!


JayBee Anama

1 comment:

The Code Breaker said...

Thanks for the shout out Jaybee!

To be fully fair, Ryan and G and I worked equally hard on this and G is listed as the official "winner" since he sent the last tweet. We're really trying to get them to put all three of us on the card, but have had no official word either way yet.

We'll be posting our treasures and more info on the blog as we get that from Topps. :-)