Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shaun Marcum's Golden Moment...or Hey, I Got A Relic Card!

I tweeted last week that after I get my taxes done that I'd be looking for a master set of 2012 Topps on the 'Bay.  Well, I spent money on half of the things I wanted to do.  Taxes???  Done.  Master set???  Not yet.  Shooting for next pay day.  In the mean time, I finally did get around to buying the hobby packs I promised to send to the two winners of my All-Star Rookie Team Competition.  Now if I could only get to the post office...

While at the store, I purchased a few packs of 2012 Topps, this time, the Hobby version. Packs at the store cost a whopping $3.00 for a pack of ten cards.  OUCH!!!  Can't complain though...this stuff sold out at the store and these guys had to scramble to find more.  The store owner allowed me to pick what I wanted, so I took five random packs from the box.  At $3.00 a pack, and what looked like a half-full box, I wasn't expecting much other than a bunch of base cards that will just become extras eventually when I get my master set.  But one pack I did open did come with a nice surprise:

2012 Topps Shaun Marcum Golden Moments Relic Card #GMR-SM
That's right.  I beat the odds and somehow got a relic card.

Yes, granted it's of a Brewers pitcher.  Yes, it's just a plain road jersey swatch.  Yes, the back of the card even says, "THE RELIC CONTAINED ON THIS CARD IS NOT FROM ANY SPECIFIC GAME, EVENT, OR SEASON." (which means that this was most likely NOT THE JERSEY he wore during the game being highlighted - Brewers vs. Astros on September 4, 2011).  But it is a relic card from this set is found in 1:47 hobby packs.  So yes, I'm ecstatic.

Payday can't come fast enough...


JayBee Anama

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